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Information for the buyers of our B2B partners are summarised in the product brochures. Instructions for use are additionally available for specialised sales persons of the builders' merchant, and construction site end users of Form-on products. 

Documentation is important. We are happy to provide any documentation required, relevant for your business and safety on site. 

Margit Weber

Business Process Manager
Margit Kinzl

Form-on floor props.

Leaflet smartPROP20 sF2
644.29 KB
User information smartPROP 20 sF2
806.79 KB
User information smartPROPplus 20
902.08 KB
Leaflet smartPROPplus 30
453.13 KB
User information smartPROPplus 30
313.64 KB

Form-on formwork beams.

Leaflet smartBEAM 20
3.21 MB
User information smartBEAM 20
469.95 KB
Leaflet smartBEAMplus 20
2.49 MB
User information smartBEAMplus 20
636.94 KB
User information Form-on timberBEAM oP
178.16 KB

Form-on formwork sheets.

Leaflet smartPANEL
1.21 MB
User information smartPANEL
810.31 KB
Leaflet smartPANELplus
1.63 MB
User information smartPANELplus
810.31 KB
Anwenderinformation Form-on smartPANEL & Form-on smartPANELplus
199.83 KB
Form-on Plywood portfolio
2.96 MB


We guarantee that our products and services comply with the highest standards of quality and sustainability, in order to ensure a sustainable economy. Since 2014, we have been certified according to ISO 9001 in order to continuously improve our processes as well. 

PEFC - Chain of Custody
2.86 MB
FSC Certificate - timber from sustainable forestry
460.97 KB
ISO Certificate - certified quality management system
2.18 MB
EcoVadis Rating Certificate - CSR assessment for a sustainable supply chain
83.92 KB


Our code of conduct as an explicit document for relevant behavioural rules within the Doka group. 

Code of Conduct
250.17 KB

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