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Form-on three-ply panels.

Proven quality due to long-term know-how.

Three-ply panel
Form-on smartPANEL.

In the design of Form-on smartPANEL and
Form-on smartPANELplus, each available
at 21 mm and 27 mm. 

Form-on smartPanel

Resistant three-ply panel for construction.

The yellow one.

The Form-on smartPANEL is a three-ply panel, available in small- and big format, offers a high dimensional tolerance and angle accuracy. The special surface finish and the marginal ridge have proven high resistance. Reliable quality is ensured by production compliant with ÖNORM B 3023. Available in 21 and 27 mm.

Form-on smartPanelplus

Highest quality in forming.

The brown one.

The Form-on smartPANELplus is the three-ply panel with the grey edge sealing with the sole use of heartwood. The formwork panel with high quality sealing reduces the moisture absorption and enables easier cleaning. The brown surface ensures a distinctive differentiation on site. Compliant with ÖNORM B 3023. Available in 21 and 27 mm.

Overview of the differentiation of the three-ply formwork panels

Overview of the differentiation of the three-ply formwork panels
smartPANEL smartPANELplus
Colour yellow brown
Edge yellow based grey wax edge
Resin pocket max. 8 x 100 mm max. 5 x 50 mm
Timber main- and side wood only main wood
Sanded/galvanised surface yes yes
Glue application 115 g/m² 115 g/m²
Holes 8 mm on top layer 2 pcs./m² 0/m²
Corrections: patches and plates patches and plates

Carefully and safely packed.

That's how we deliver our three-ply panels.

Our formwork panels, smartPANEL and Form-on smartPANELplus, are carefully packed and loaded with edge protection and steel strips in bundles of 80 or 100 pieces. 

Your distributor benefits. 

Quality, efficiency and transparency are important to us. In a nutshell: the three most important reasons for a good, trustworthy and long-lasting partnership. 

Consistent supply.

Annual demands can be quickly retrieved. 


Proven quality.

Production with the highest standard of manufacturing. 


Reliable partner.

Product- & logistics know-how.


Become a partner.

Interested in new three-ply panels?

Our formwork components such as formwork sheets, plywood, timber formwork beams and floor props would compliment your commercial range? Contact us! We are looking forward to your enquiry.

Form-on smartPANEL

Our three-ply panel with a high standard of manufacturing. A resistant formwork panel for every construction site. 

Winkel mit gelben Punkt

Consistent size and angles for better characteristics of deflection points.

High quality standards in manufacturing, according to ÖNORM B 3023, guarantee a reliable size- and angle accuracy of the formwork panel. 

Wetter mit gelben Punkt

Weather-resistant adhesions for less moisture absorption.

High resistance is assured due to a special surface finish of urea-melamine resin glue.  The gluing makes it resistant to heat, alkali, water and weather. 

Betonwand mit gelben Punkt

Professional concrete results and a decrease of complaints.

The formwork sheet consists of a glued three-ply structure out of spruce. The process of crosswise gluing increases the stability as well as the product lifetime of the formwork panel.

Less moisture and form stability.

Cleaning a panel with a marginal ridge - an easy effort.

Our three-ply panels are delivered with a marginal ridge. The longitudinal timber in the side of the panel contributes to a significant reduction of the absorption of moisture and adhesion of concrete. The panel is therefore dimensionally stable and can be cleaned effortlessly.  

Relevant data for your order. 

Form-on smartPANEL 21mm

Form-on smartPANEL 21mm
Small format Art.Nr. VPE kg/pc.
21mm 150x50cm 620060000 100 pcs. 7,3 kg
21mm 200x50cm 620011000 100 pcs. 9,7 kg
21mm 250x50cm 620012000 100 pcs. 12,1 kg
21mm 300x50cm 620061000 100 pcs. 14,6 kg

Large format Art.Nr. VPE kg/pc.
21mm 200x100cm 620670000 50 pcs. 19,4 kg
21mm 300x100cm 620690000 50 pcs. 29,1 kg
21mm 400x100cm 620070000 30 pcs. 38 kg
21mm 600x100cm 620072000 30 pcs. 58,2 kg

Form-on smartPANEL 27mm

Form-on smartPANEL 27mm
Small format Art.Nr. VPE kg/pc.
27mm 150x50cm 620062000 80 pcs. 9,1 kg
27mm 200x50cm 620013000 80 pcs. 12,1 kg
27mm 250x50cm 620014000 80 pcs. 15,1 kg
27mm 300x50cm 620063000 80 pcs. 18,2 kg

Large format Art.Nr. VPE kg/pc.
27mm 200x100cm 620076000 40 pcs. 24,2 kg
27mm 300x100cm 620078000 40 pcs. 36,3 kg
27mm 400x100cm 620079000 25 pcs. 48,4 kg
27mm 600x100cm 620081000 25 pcs. 72,6 kg


  • KF are small format three-ply panels (0.5 width and 1.5 - 3.0 m length).
  • GF are big format three-ply panels (0.5 - 1.0 m width and 2.0 - 6.0 m length).
brochure smartPANEL
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User information smartPANEL
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Best practice for using 3-ply panels
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Form-on smartPANELplus

Our formwork panel of highest quality, for forming with three-ply panels, and a significant distinction at the construction site. 

Auge im Kreis mit gelben Punkt

Brown surface for a significant distinction at the construction site.

The panel can be clearly identified due to its brown surface, preventing a premature section at the construction site. For self-promotion purposes, your company name can be imprinted on the panels.  

Farbroller mit gelben Punkt

Less rework- grey edge sealing prevents colour transfer.

The grey edge sealing prevents colour transfer from the edges onto the concrete. The high quality coating of the panels reduces the absorption of moisture.

Betonwand mit gelben Punkt

Smoother surface and less cracks for fair-faced concrete surfaces.

The formwork panel guarantees reliable quality due to production according to EN 13353 and EN 13017-1 or ÖNORM 3023.  Due to the use of heartwood, cracks on the three-ply panels are very limited. 

Difference between heartwood and sapwood.

Advantages of heartwood at a glance.

Heartwood has less branches resulting in significantly fewer cracks than in sapwood. You therefore have a long-lasting surface for multiple applications and an improved concrete finish. 


Relevant data for your order. 

Form-on smartPANELplus 21mm

Form-on smartPANELplus 21mm
Art.Nr. VPE kg/pc.
21mm 150x50cm 620303000 100 pcs. 7,3 kg
21mm 200x50cm 620304000 100 pcs. 9,7 kg
21mm 250x50cm 620305000 100 pcs. 12,1 kg
21mm 300x50cm 620306000 100 pcs. 14,6 kg

Form-on smartPANELPLUS 27mm

Form-on smartPANELPLUS 27mm
Art.Nr. VPE kg/pc.
27mm 150x50cm 620403000 80 pcs. 9,4 kg
27mm 200x50cm 620404000 80 pcs. 12,1 kg
27mm 250x50cm 620405000 80 pcs. 15,1 kg
27mm 300x50cm 620406000 80 pcs. 18,2 kg


  • KF are small format three-ply panels  (0.5 width and 1.5 - 3.0 m length).
  • GF are big format three-ply panels (0.5 - 1.0 m width and 2.0 - 6.0 m length).
Brochure smartPANELplus
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User information smartPANELplus
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Best practice for using 3-ply panels
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Purchase Form-on three-ply panels in your builders' merchant. 

At our Form-on distributing partners within your proximity. 

High manufacturing standard.

More than 50 years of expertise in manufacturing high quality formwork products. 

Our commitment to quality gives your customer the security of purchasing the best product. We consistently focus on the latest production processes, and an independently certified quality management throughout the entire production chain. That results in a smooth formwork operation paired with satisfied customers. 

Convince yourself by visiting our factory. 

Our Form-on smartPANEL production.

Plywood panels for concrete construction.

From infill zones to fair-faced concrete - the right solution for any case. 

Each site is unique and so are the requirements of the formwork panel. Besides the classic three-ply panels, a variation of plywood panels are also used on site. You can find panels for various frequencies of use: single-use, average use, and multiple usage for high quality concrete results.

The trading sector thinks in larger and more sustainable terms.

We deliver in full truck- and container loads.

We deliver our new formwork components in full truck,-rail,- or container loads. You can, of course, combine products from our different plants to best make use of the available cargo space: different types and dimensions of sheets from Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, or all kinds of beams and props from Amstetten, Austria. Your contact person will support you in the planning and optimisation of your yard and transport. That is economic and sustainable.


Sustainability is important for us. 

We guarantee that our products and services comply with the highest standards of quality and sustainability, in order to ensure a sustainable economy. 

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