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Form-on floor props.

Quality is our standard.

Floor props
Form-on smartPROP.

Reliable floor props with a minimum load capacity of 20 kN and 30 kN. 

Reliability - for your construction site.

The strong one.

The Form-on floor prop has a minimum load capacity of 30 kN, as per EN 1065 class C/E. The Form-on smartPROPplus 30 proves itself by it's high loading capacity and long lifespan. It additionally offers more safety on your construction site. 

Mann stuetzt sich auf Deckenstuetze

For value retention on site.

The classic.

The Form-on floor prop, compliant with EN 1065 class B/D and C/D,  proves itself with it's low weight, a longer lifespan and a higher load capacity. The Form-on smartPROPplus 20 offers a minimum load capacity of at least 20 kN at any extension length.

David Muehlehner

Low dead weight for efficient work.

The light one.

The Form-on smartPROP 20 sF2 is the floor prop for safe and secure work, thanks to it's low dead weight and the handtrap-prevention and anti-drop latch. Due its galvanised surface, the prop is optimal for a long-lasting application in the field of formwork.

Frau mit Deckenstuetze in der Hnad

Overview of the most distinctive characteristics.

Overview of the most distinctive characteristics.
smartPROP 20 sF2 smartPROPplus 20 smartPROPplus 30
Min. load capacity (kN) 20 kN 20 kN 30 kN
Certification tested with a safety factor 2 EN 1065 B/D or C/D EN 1065 C/E
Weight (at 3,0 m) 10.5 kg 13.8 kg 16.3 kg
Thread pitch
Adjusting nut casted nut forged nut forged nut
Thickness of head- and base plate 5 mm 8 mm 8 mm
Holes in head- and base plate 5 mm 13 mm 13 mm
Anti-drop-out latch and cross-sectional protection yes yes yes
Punch hole numbering no yes yes
props with hole numbering


Now with hole numbering.

Our smartPROPplus 20 & 30 floor props are now produced with hole numbering, which provides an improved overview during assembly. This increases efficiency when shoring and therefore saves money.

Your distributor benefits.

Quality, promptness and transparency are very important for us. In a nutshell: the three most important reasons for a good, trustworthy and long-lasting partnership. 

Consistent supply.

Annual demands can be quickly retrieved. 


Floor props with your logo.

Production with your own branding. 


Reliable partner.

Product- & logistics know-how.


Become a Form-on partner.

Interested in Form-on floor props?

Our formwork components such as formwork sheets, plywood, wooden formwork beams and floor props would compliment your commercial range? Contact us! We are looking forward to your enquiry.

How we package our floor props. 


Our stacking pallets with crane approval, suitable for multiple usage, is the standard packaging of our floor props. This ensures a clean and safe storage at your yard, in the sales room or on site. We also deliver our floor props in disposable wooden pallets upon request. Costs are saved if stacking pallets are provided for. Additionally, it optimizes the space in terms of delivery and storage. 


Purchase Form-on floor props in your builders' merchant.

At our Form-on distributing partners within your proximity.

Easy adjustment and release.

Effortless by strip galvanised thread.

Due to its unique thread pitch and processing of strip galvanised steel of all our floor props, easy adjustments and fast release are possible at any given time. A huge relief and effortless work on site is not comparable with anything. Additional cost-savings are made, thanks to the quick adjustment of the nut. Your customers on site will appreciate that. 

More safety on site.

Anti-drop-out latch and crush guard.

The anti-drop-out latch and crush guard prevent accidents on site and save time and costs. Substantial for the safety on every construction site. 

Impact-resistant and long-lasting.

Strong due to forged nut.

Our smartPROPplus props dispose of a forged nut. A significant amount of hits have been endured whilst manufactured, which in turn only made them better. They are therefore equipped for further countless hits at your customers sites, without deforming. 

Visit our yard and get an idea for yourself. 

Form-on smartPROP production.

Releasing our floor props - is easy. Convince yourself and try it out by visiting us. You will be amazed by it. I am positive. 


Luise Brandstetter

Customer Service
Luise Brandstetter

Relevant data for your order.

Form-on smartPROP 20 sF2

Form-on smartPROP 20 sF2
kN/length in cm Art.Nr. VPE kg/pc.
20 sF2 300 620005000 48 pcs. 10.5 kg
20 sF2 350 620006000 48 pcs. 13.1 kg
Leaflet Form-on smartPROP20 sF2
1.18 MB
User information smartPROP 20 sF2
806.79 KB

Form-on smartPROPplus 20

Form-on smartPROPplus 20
kN/length in cm Art.Nr. VPE kg/pc.
20 250 620001000 42 pcs. 11.5 kg
20 300 620002000 42 pcs. 13.95 kg
20 350 620003000 42 pcs. 17.15 kg
20 400 620004000 35 pcs. 20.5 kg
20 550 620007000 30 pcs. 32.5 kg
Leaflet smartPROPplus 20
1.41 MB
User information smartPROPplus 20
902.08 KB

Form-on smartPROPplus 30

Form-on smartPROPplus 30
kN/length in cm Art.-Nr. VPE kg/pc.
30 300 620051000 42 pcs. 16.3 kg
30 350 620052000 35 pcs. 20.3 kg
Leaflet smartPROPplus 30
1.28 MB
User information smartPROPplus 30
313.64 KB
Magdalena with customized prop

Strengthen your brand.

We produce floor props with your individual branding.

So you can position your brand on a long-term basis at your customers'. With consistent product quality and reliable supply. Your personal contact person will take care of your individual needs. Together, we stand for a strong brand. 


Sustainability is important for us.

We guarantee that our products and services comply with the highest standards of quality and sustainability, in order to ensure a sustainable economy. 

The trading sector thinks in larger and more sustainable terms.

We deliver in full truck- and container loads.

We deliver our new formwork components in full truck,-rail,- or container loads. You can, of course, combine products from our different plants to best make use of the available cargo space. Your contact person will support you in the planning and optimisation of your yard and transport. That is economic and sustainable. 

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the application of our floor props.


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