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Form-on used formwork & scaffolding.

Second hand, first choice.

Purchase and sale of used formwork & scaffolding.

Form-on is the first choice for second-hand formwork and scaffolding. As a competent supplier and buyer of used formwork systems and scaffolding, we are your first point of contact. Here you will find used formwork systems and components such as props, beams and various accessories from numerous manufacturers such as Doka, Peri, Meva, Hünnebeck, Ringer, NOE, Paschal and Ulma and used scaffolding from renowned manufacturers such as AT-PAC, Doka, Peri, Layher, Atrad-Plettac, Scafom-RUX, Hünnebeck, MJ or Alfix. We have created a special shopping experience for you with our marketplace and cordially invite you to visit us!

Your added value at a glance.

We continuously act on the needs and requirements of the market. The execution thereof is reliable and trustworthy. Furthermore, you will find true price-performance strength according to your budget. 

Export und Logistik

Availability due to an international network.

Trusted business relations for procurement of materials and delivery.

Sorgenfrei bestellen

Great diversity to choose from.

The 18.000 m² Form-on yard in Ennsbach entails a variety of systems from different manufacturers. 


Transparency of used-condition.

The assessment of the condition and quality is clear and unambiguous.


Flexibility of inspection.

We organise appointments for on-site inspections, as well as a smartVISIT via video-calls. 

Trading center internet.

Trade with used formwork & scaffolding at the online marketplace.

The majority of our trading of second-hand formwork & scaffolding takes place on the internet. Thanks to our international network you can buy used material easily, fast and transparent. All available offers and formwork & scaffolding package deals are communicated on our online platform. 


Find, buy and sell used formwork & scaffolding.

Used formwork & scaffolding as far as the eye can see.

We trade with various manufacturer brands.

The Form-on second-hand range includes formwork & scaffolding equipment from numerous international renowned manufacturers. The product portfolio incorporates all common systems and models subject to their availability. The quality standard varies from little to strong traces of use - this is assessed by our experts and is then classified in four quality levels.

Always a friendly ear.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Should you have questions feel free to contact us personally. We will take care of your query and provide you with the right solution. For package enquires, customized packages of used material or other topics revolving around formwork & scaffolding, we at Form-on are happy to help you.