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Together towards success.

With fun and flexibility.

A great atmosphere is always present. 

Inspiring our clients with our spirit every day. That is our mission. That does not only incorporate profound technical know-how and professionalism. but also a big portion of fun and passion in what we do. We have that in our team and we would like to pass that on to you. Nothing is more fruitful than a smile. That makes working together twice as fun. 

I'm proud of the Form-on team. Great and competent personalities enable an easy, fast and transparent collaboration with our customers, suppliers and partners. Understanding your needs and being on-point is what drives us. With that in mind, we ensure our success in business together. 

Franz Hochholzer

Managing Director Form-on
Franz Hochholzer

Together we can achieve more.

A positive working environment is an investment for success.

Annual education and training in many fields, challenging job profiles, flexible employment and workplace solutions, strengthen the dynamics of our team. The personal skills of each and every one of us, working together as a team is our key to success. You, as our customer, should profit the most out of that. 

Energy for more success.

Celebrate festivities.

The body and soul are valuable instruments - you could say, like a "Stradivarius". You have to take good care of them for them to stay alive. Regular activities, like company and team building events, give us the chance to recharge our batteries and give us power for the next steps. That motivates and brings us together. Because together, we can make a difference. 

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