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Form-on formwork beams.

Long-lasting and dimensionally stable.

Formwork beam
Form-on smartBEAM.

The Form-on smartBEAM formwork beam with and without injection moulded beam-ends. 

Mann schultert Schalungstraeger

Dimensionally stable with a high load capacity.

The one without.

The Form-on smartBEAM 20 timber formwork beam has a reliable load capacity over the entire beam length, despite it's low weight. Dimensionally stable and a secured component load capacity is guaranteed, according to the high quality standards EN 13377 certificate.  The formwork beam is available with three-ply-web material (Form-on smartBEAM 20 N) or with the homogeneous wood-composite panel (Form-on smartBEAM 20 P).

Mann mit Schalungsträger

Long lifespan due to injection moulded beam-ends.

The one with.

The Form-on formwork beam smartBEAMplus 20 N, convinces with its newly developed injection moulded beam-ends of polyurethane (PU). The beam complies with the highest quality- and safety standards and is optimised for a long-lasting application in the field of formwork. The formwork beam is available in three-ply web material.

A beam is not just a beam.

Form-on timber formwork beams, smartBEAM and smartBEAMplus, score with a lot of quality characteristics. A long-lifespan and dimensional stability are guaranteed. 


formwork beam form-on

Lighter than ever.

Lower weight, same load capacity.

Discover our new formwork beams smartBEAM N & smartBEAMplus N with an even thinner web. This saves you money during transport due to its low weight. Our beam is now more cost-efficient than ever before delivered to your warehouse.

Technical data

Technical data
Web height (h): 20 cm
Flange height (h): 4.0 cm
Flange width (b): 8.0 cm
max. length (m) 12.0 m
Moment (M): 5 kNm
Regidity (E x J): 450 kNm²
Shear force (Q): 11 kN
Certification (EN): EN 13377
David Customized H20 beam

Strengthen your brand.

We produce formwork beams customised to your branding!

We can produce your formwork beams with your company name on it. So you can position your brand on a long-term basis at your customers'. Carefree and with consistent product quality and reliable supply. Your personal contact person will take care of your individual needs like demand planning, customizing or sales trainings. Your employee- and customer satisfaction is of concern to us. Together, we stand for a strong brand. 

Merging wood and PU.

Injection moulded and permanently fixed.

Form-on smartBEAMplus is a unique beam with injection moulded beam-ends in the commercial market. The non-existing space between timber and beam-ends of polyurethane, prevents moisture from penetrating the beam. No dowels, clamps or cuts. The 3-4 mm thick PU-beam-end is grey and UV-resistant and shines with its elegant, rounded design. A significant distinctive feature in comparison to conventional beams with end-caps. And only available at Form-on. 

Stability due to high resin glue content.

Strong and long-lasting.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, why the two biggest formwork manfuacturers worldwide, use beams produced of chipped wood inlays instead of natural wood? Due to the high resin glue content, the P-beam has a significantly longer lifespan than conventional formwork beams with three-ply web sheets. 

Which beam is suitable for my market?

We will differentiate the most significant characteristics between the N- and P-beam, to make your purchasing decision easier. 

An overview of the most distinctive features.

An overview of the most distinctive features.
N-Version P-Version
EN 13377 fulfilled fulfilled
Weight 4.4 kg/m 5.2 kg/m
Cracks on the flange possible possible
Cracks on the web possible no
Nailability no cracks small cracks possible
Durability preferred in very wet climate preferred in very dry climate

Let me show you of the quality of our formwork beams. Together, we will find the suitable Form-on smartBEAM for your market. 

Franck Corbière

Sales Representative
Franck Corbiere

Your distributor benefits.

Quality, efficiency and transparency are very important to us. 
In a nutshell: the three most important reasons for a good, trustworthy and long-lasting partnership. 

Consistent supply.

Annual demands quickly retrievable. 


Strengthen your brand.

Production with your branding. 


Reliable partner.

Product- & logistics know-how.


Become a Form-on partner.

Interested in Form-on formwork beams?

You think our formwork components such as, formwork sheets, plywood, timber formwork beams and floor props, would compliment your commercial range? Then, contact us! We are looking forward to your enquiry.


Purchase Form-on formwork beams in your builders' merchant. 

At our Form-on distributing partners within your proximity. 

Relevant data for your order.  

Form-on smartBEAM 20 N

Form-on smartBEAM 20 N
Dimensions Art.Nr. VPE kg/pc.
20 N 180cm 620019000 100 pcs. 7.9 kg
20 N 245cm 620020000 100 pcs. 10.8 kg
20 N 265cm 620022000 100 pcs. 11.7 kg
20 N 290cm 620023000 100 pcs. 12.8 kg
20 N 330cm 620024000 100 pcs. 14.5 kg
20 N 360cm 620025000 100 pcs. 15.8 kg
20 N 390cm 620026000 100 pcs. 17.2 kg
20 N 450cm 620027000 100 pcs. 19.8 kg
20 N 490cm 620028000 100 pcs. 21.6 kg
20 N 590cm 620029000 60 pcs. 26.0 kg

Form-on smartBEAM 20 P

Form-on smartBEAM 20 P
Dimensions Art.Nr. VPE kg/pc.
20 P 180cm 620038000 100 pcs. 9.4 kg
20 P 245cm 620039000 100 pcs. 12.7 kg
20 P 265cm 620032000 100 pcs. 13.8 kg
20 P 290cm 620033000 100 pcs. 15.1 kg
20 P 330cm 620034000 100 pcs. 17.2 kg
20 P 360cm 620035000 100 pcs. 18.7 kg
20 P 390cm 620036000 100 pcs. 20.3 kg
20 P 450cm 620037000 100 pcs. 23.4 kg
20 P 490cm 620040000 100 pcs. 25.5 kg
20 P 590cm 620041000 60 pcs. 30.7 kg
Leaflet smartBEAM 20
3.47 MB
User information smartBEAM 20
469.95 KB

Form-on smartBEAMplus 20 N

Form-on smartBEAMplus 20 N
Dimensions Art.Nr. VPE kg/pc.
plus 20 N 180cm 620122000 100 pcs. 7.9 kg
plus 20 N 245cm 620123000 100 pcs. 10.8 kg
plus 20 N 265cm 620124000 100 pcs. 11.7 kg
plus 20 N 290cm 620125000 100 pcs. 12.8 kg
plus 20 N 330cm 620126000 100 pcs. 14.5 kg
plus 20 N 360cm 620127000 100 pcs. 15.1 kg
plus 20 N 390cm 620128000 100 pcs. 17.2 kg
plus 20 N 450cm 620129000 100 pcs. 19.8 kg
plus 20 N 490cm 620130000 100 pcs. 21.6 kg
plus 20 N 590cm 620131000 60 pcs. 26.0 kg
Leaflet smartBEAM 20 N
2.74 MB
User information smartBEAMplus 20
636.94 KB

Sustainability is important for us. 

We guarantee that our products and services comply with the highest standards of quality and sustainability, in order to ensure a sustainable economy. 


Guidance for unloading the
Form-on smartBEAM 20 12m.

The trading sector thinks in larger and more sustainable terms.

We deliver in full truck- and container loads.

We deliver our new formwork components in full truck,-rail,- or container loads. You can, of course, combine products from our different plants to best make use of the available cargo space: different types and dimensions of sheets from Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, or all kinds of beams and props from Amstetten, Austria. Your contact person will support you in the planning and optimisation of your yard and transport. That is economic and sustainable. 

Visit us at our yard and get an idea for yourself. 

The Form-on smartBEAM production. 

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