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Yard & Shopping Experience.

The new way to shop for formwork.

On-point solutions.

Profit from our international network in your purchase of formwork: we guarantee a short period of delivery, worldwide availability and a continuous supply of used formwork. No matter where you place your order, we will deliver via road, - rail,- and ship transport.

Come in and find out.

Experience formwork shopping on 18.000 m² storage area.

The Form-on yard in Ennsbach has a total area of approximately three football fields. You can find any type of used formwork from numerous manufacturers such as Doka, Peri, Hünnebeck, Meva, Paschal, Ulma and NOE, in different used conditions. 

Purely used formwork.

Modern yard equipment paired with strong personnel - experience for yourself what our used formwork playground has to offer. 


Large yard in Austria.

A broad selection of used formwork is traded on 18.000 m². Trucks and containers rarely leave the yard premises without using the loading area.


Weather protection in storage facility.

Sensitive material is stored in a covered space at the main store in Austria. The tent also boasts to assist in lifting. 

Sorgenfrei bestellen

Cleaning operations for repurchase.

Purchases are cleaned in a separate wash box dependent on their quality level. The used formwork then shines in new splendour at the yard.


Customer appointment at the on-site container office.

Customer appointments take place either on-site or as a smartVISIT via video call. Transparency towards our customers is important for us.

Dive into the used formwork experience.

I manage the receipt of new purchases and their quality evaluation. I'm a person who likes to keep things tidy - so it is important to me that all goods are cleaned and are stored at the right place. 

Christoph Brachner

Yard Operative

I commission each sale personally. It is vital that the goods are delivered to our customers as agreed upon. Also because of the fact, that I don't like complaints at all. 

Gerald Bruckner

Yard Manager

I'm an expert in loading used formwork. My motivation is to make the most of the available space in the loading area. Safety is a big part of it. 

Franz Babinger

Yard Operative

Opening hours.

We would like to warmly welcome you to our yard in Ennsbach, Austria (subject to appointments).


Monday to Thursday
8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (CET)


8 a.m. to 11 a.m. (CET)

Directions to the yard.

Gewerbestraße 2
3376 Ennsbach, Austria


Together up on top.

Selfie-Tower: the highlight of every yard visit.

The best view of the wide variety of used formwork we have to offer is from our selfie-tower. True to our original style we installed a used Doka D2 stair tower at our yard. You can share your selfies on social media using the hashtag #SecondHandFirstChoice. 

Strong guys.

We move used formwork.

Our colleagues at the used yard are really strong guys. They are the ones, that take on 15 truck- and container loads on a weekly basis. As soon as the goods are classified, they are ready for sale. Gerald, Christoph, Franz and Andrei move up to 40 truck- and container loads of used formwork a month. We are very proud of our well-established team!