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Use the time for your customers.

We will take care of the transport.

Form-on logistics for formwork components.

We react in a fast, agile and flexible manner when it comes to your demands. We develop smarter logistics, so that you can make a name for yourself whilst attending your customers. Standard formwork components are available for delivery within 3 working days after receipt of order. Yard costs decrease due to a faster availability. We ensure a constant supply of formwork panels, wooden formwork beams and floor props. That is convenient for you and your customer. We are also well equipped to cover peak demands. You therefore have more security and stability. We give you time by minimising work routines. 


You can use your time for your customers. Together, we create an optimal supply and I will take care of a seamless supply chain. Because nothing is more important to me, than seeing you be successful with your customer. 

Bettina Lichtenwallner

Customer Service
Bettina Lichtenwallner

Your partner benefits. 

Quality, efficiency and transparency are extremely important to us. 
In a nutshell: the three most important corner stones for a good, trustworthy and longstanding partnership. 

Schnelle Lieferung

Save time.

By fewer coordination- and organisational efforts. 


Save costs.

By outsourcing logistical processes. 

Weltweite Vernetzung

High flexibility.

Due to reliable and fast operating logistical partners.

Your reliable partner.

Form-on takes over for you.

  • Determination of cargo hold and route planning.  
  • The organisation of all your deliveries - also for heavy loads.
  • The consideration of country-specific transportation.  
  • The assignment of appropriate transport partners.

For a safe supply chain.

We are AEO certified.

As an AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certified company, we are your reliable partner in all customs security topics. We take care of all topics revolving around customs affairs and know what we are doing! We are customs certified, which saves money in the import/export of goods. We voluntarily have our processes and balance sheets audited, on- and offline, by customs on a regular basis. With this certificate we prove that we have nothing to hide, and that we can make your supply chain safer.

Efficient and optimally provided for.

The right product, at the right time and place.

Our production facilities guarantee a stable availability of goods. If your demand of formwork components increases, so does the output of our high-performance production, which additionally scores in flexibility. This means: the right product for your market and your customer. And thanks to our strong logistics network, products are always available, no matter where they are needed. If it's at your own yard or directly at your customer's site. 

Solid network of freight forwarders.

Flexibility for successful logistics.

We rely on cooperations based on partnerships in the selection of our freight forwarders. An active communication with our freighters, ensures efficient logistics. We remain in constant exchange with our freighters digitally and personally. We have the appropriate logistics partner for every market. This proximity is important to us and allows us to be flexible. We can pinpoint where your goods are and when they will be delivered to you. 

The trading sector thinks larger and in more sustainable terms.

We deliver in full truck- or container loads.

We deliver our new formwork components in full truck,-rail,- or container loads. You can, of course, combine products from our different plants to best make use of the available cargo space. Your contact person will support you in the planning and optimisation of your yard and transport. That is economic and sustainable. 

No matter if by truck or container - we deliver on time. 

Transporting pre-assembled components requires a lot of knowledge in terms of the correct way to load, pack, store and secure them. Form-on optimises heavy- and normal loads with the necessary routine. Our logistics experts have the right solution at hand. 


Experience Austria's largest private container crane.


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