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Doka Dokadek material incl. accessories


Floor formwork
1 Lump sum Austria

This package consists of used Dokadek panels, in the dimensions 1,22x2,44m and 0,81x2,44m including accessoiries.

  • The Panels show traces of careful use. 
  • The material is individually tested and cleaned.

Accessoiries are Dokadek bearing heads, Dokadek XF drop heads, Dokadek balance box 2,44m 21mm, Dokadek intermediate element, in the dimensions 0,15x1,22m and 0,15x0,8m, Doka reusable container 1,20x0,8m, Doka grid box 1,70x0,80m and Dokadek balancer pallet. Dokadek element palette is not included in the price.

The package is a container load or a truck load with 7.691 kg. 



Price valid: per total quantity Partial quantity: not possible Subject to prior sale

€  37,290.00

1 Lump sum

Classified 3-star

Serviced & ready to use. Professionally cleaned condition. Used formwork & scaffolding suitable for standard up to demanding requirements.

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Product features

  • Used
  • Serviced and ready to use
  • Professionally cleaned
  • Suitable for standard up to demanding requirements
  • Minor traces of use
  • Galvanized

More about the used condition.

You can find an overview of our quality levels here: Classified 3-star. 2-star. 1-star. Non-classified. In the purchase of used material, transparency is important to us.

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Package 20055M consists of

Qty SKU Description Weight Quality
55 PC 586501000 Dokadek panel 4'-0x8'-0 49.90 kg
120 PC 586505000 Dokadek XF drop head 9.37 kg
33 PC 586502000 Dokadek panel 2'-8x8'-0 40.05 kg
300 PC 586506000 Dokadek support head 2.42 kg
44 PC 586512000 Dokadek infill beam 2.44m 21mm 16.60 kg
60 PC 586507000 Dokadek closure panel 0.15x1.22m 4.75 kg
40 PC 586508000 Dokadek closure panel 0.15x0.81m 3.00 kg
7 PC 583011000 Doka multi-trip transport box 1.20x0.80m 70.00 kg
1 PC 583012000 Doka skeleton transport box 1.70x0.80m 87.00 kg
1 PC 586528000 Dokadek infill beam pallet 62.00 kg