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Quality assessment


Four categories that
ensure transparency in quality

Find the fitting quality standard for your used formwork
easy, fast & transparent.


Our quality standards at a glance

We defined four different quality levels to meet your requirements
at high satisfaction when buying used formwork. For that reason our assortment
offers classified formwork and non-classified formwork.

Our product range of classified used formwork represents the proven but revised star-quality,
which is divided in three levels. The states of condition are suitable for less demanding
use even up to high-quality projects. The products undergo an inspection by
our experts at our yard.

Non-classified used formwork is only available in complete packages. These products
do not undergo any inspection process. Therefore we do not secure operational
use nor given safety for any kind of use.

If you are interested in viewing our assortment of used formwork we are glad to welcome you
at our yard. Our product range is constantly changing and we are happy to help at any time.


Classified formwork

Icon QualityIcon QualityIcon Quality

Serviced & ready to use.
Professionally cleaned condition.

Used formwork suitable for demanding requirements.

Icon QualityIcon QualityIcon Quality

Serviced & ready to use.
Basic cleaned condition.

Medium used formwork with traces of use suitable for standard requirements.

Icon QualityIcon QualityIcon Quality

Serviced & ready to use.
Uncleaned condition.

Heavily used formwork suitable for minor requirements.



Non-classified formwork

Icon QualityIcon Quality"Icon

Formwork in uninspected, non-operational or even scrap-ready condition,
therefore the products are not suitable for any applications due to the lack of safety.

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