• Frameco RU

    Only used on one construction site!

    Used Doka Framed formwork
    Frameco RU

    Different formats are
    included in the package.
    € 99,00 / mq
    tasse escl.
  • Doka props and beams

    for a short time!

    Doka props & beams
    for a special price!

    1,200 pcs. Doka Eurex 30 top 400 and
    600 pcs. Doka H20 top P 3.90m
    € 99.900,00
    tasse escl.
  • PMF plywood

    2-in-1 plywood sheet

    The universal sheet
    for construction and formwork

    - versatile uses in
    concrete construction
    - robust and cost-efficient
    plywood sheet
    - smooth and glossy concrete surfaces
  • Eco floor props

    New floor props!

    4,900 pieces of
    Super Eco floor props - NEW!

    The steel-painted props are of high quality, manufactured in Europe!
    € 14,34 / pz.
    tasse escl.
  • smartBEAMplus

    A big PLUS for the construction site!

    With PU-bonded beam-end!
    We attach it firmly,
    where others only pin and nail.

    + in safety
    + in moisture protection
    + in life span

    Exclusively available
    from specialised traders!
  • Peri Trio

    Peri Trio

    57 m² Peri Trio wall formwork
    in good used condition.

    Accessory parts are included.
    € 7.500,00
    tasse escl.
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