• Manto wall formwork

    wall formwork

    Various panel dimensions available
    Good mix of panels

    2-star quality incl. accessoires
    € 129,50 / mq
    tasse escl.
  • Plywood Selector

    You're looking for
    THE suitable
    forkwork sheet?

    The Plywood Selector will
    help you find the best-fitting
    sheet for your demand.

    easy - fast - transparent

  • Frami

    Ready to use!
    Doka Frami panels

    480 m² Doka Frami Xlife
    panels 3.0 m for wall formwork

    Top quality 3-star formwork
    € 93.900,00
    tasse escl.
  • Dokaset wall formwork

    Special deal:
    Dokaset wall formwork

    All panels include Xlife plywood sheets
    Half of the panels include plattforms
    Accessory available on request
    3-star quality- inspected and fully serviced
    € 29.900,00
    tasse escl.
  • Condor 450

    Top offer on
    2-star floor props

    2.200 pcs. galvanized props 4.50m
    with a min. load capacity of 20 kN

    Ask our team for a quote
    € 29,90 / pz.
    tasse escl.
  • Yard in Amstetten

    Arrange an

    Visit us and get a personal
    impression of our stock.

    Our sales team is
    happy to help!