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  • Doka Eurex 20 top 550

    Floor Props
    Doka Eurex 20 top 550

    New Condition: See it shine!
    New Doka Eurex 20 top 550.
    Availablity: 2 truck loads.
    Price / pcs. valid for 1 full truck (=720 pcs.). Partial quantity on request.
    € 86,60 / pc.
    tax. excl.
  • Peri Skydeck Floor Formwork

    Floor Formwork
    Peri Skydeck

    Bargain: 228 m² used formwork!
    The offer includes beams, heads
    and other accessories. Transport
    boxes are included - valid for
    total purchase.
    € 37.500,00
    tax. excl.
  • Ringer Wall Formwork AL

    Wall Formwork
    Ringer AL

    Ideal offer for Formwork refurbisher!
    220 m² used Ringer wall formwork AL 2000 incl. accessories. The material is not single inspected (non classified). Boxes are not included in the price. Partial quantity on request.
    € 9.990,00
    tax. excl.