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  • smartPROPplus

    High load capacity
    Form-on smartPROPplus

    Available at our
    warehouse in Miami, FL

    Min. load capacity of 20kN
    smartPROPplus 30 350
    smartPROPplus 20 550
  • smartBEAMplus

    Brand new
    formwork beams
    on stock

    Form-on smartBEAMplus P
    available from warehouse Miami, FL

    Wooden H20 beams with
    high load bearing capacity
  • Doka Eurex

    Post shore
    Doka Eurex

    Eurex 30 top 350 and 30 top 450
    in very good preowened condition!

    Available at our
    warehouse in Miami, FL.

  • Supporting head

    Supporting heads
    at our warehouse

    We have various formwork
    accessoires stocked in Miami, FL!
    Please also find:

    Get in touch
    with our team!
  • Lowering head

    Find even more

    Doka lowering head
    stocked in Miami, FL!
    We also offer:

    Please also ask for
    further components!
  • Folding tripod

    Folding tripod

    At our Miami warehouse:
    Doka folding tripod top

    Please also ask for further
    formwork accessoires!

  • Xface plywood

    Plywood sheets
    for concrete construction

    Birch plywood sheet
    for fair-faced concrete

    High durability for a
    repeat number of uses
  • Yard in Amstetten

    Arrange an

    Visit us and get a personal
    impression of our stock.

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    happy to help!
  • Peri GT24 Beams

    Peri GT24

    1 truck load of used
    beams in various sizes

    Non-classified formwork
    in uninspected condition
    3.90 $ / lm
    tax. excl.
  • Doka Floor Prop Eco 20 300

    Doka Floor Prop
    Eco 20 300

    2,000 pcs of used floor props
    excl. stacking pallets

    2-star quality - ready to use
    23.10 $ / pc.
    tax. excl.
  • Meva StarTec

    Meva StarTec
    Wall Formwork

    338 sqm panels in different sizes
    Accessories and boxes included

    2-star quality - ready to use
    33,047.00 $
    tax. excl.
  • Hünnebeck Topec Floor Formwork

    Hünnebeck Topec
    Floor Formwork

    Power coated panels in various
    sizes including boxes

    2-star quality - ready to use
    93.90 $ / sq. m.
    tax. excl.
  • Doka Framax Xlife Panels 2.70 x 2.70 m

    Doka Framax Xlife Panels 2.70 x 2.70 m

    48 Doka Framax Xlife
    Wall Formwork Panels
    strongly discounted

    3-star quality - serviced and ready to use
    906.30 $ / pc.
    tax. excl.
  • Peri Trio Wall Formwork

    Peri Trio Wall Formwork

    595 sqm Peri Trio wall formwork
    panels in various sizes
    Accessories and boxes are included

    1-star quality - serviced and ready to use
    73,720.20 $
    tax. excl.

Form-on Formwork - Components - Plywood

Form-on smartBEAM & smartBEAMplus

Formwork beams

The H20 wooden beam with a 3-ply or a wood-composite panel. The plus-version has the PU-bonded beam end.

Form-on smartPROP & smartPROPplus

Floor props

The galvanized and lightweight floor prop for easy handling. Available with a 30kN, 20kN or 15kN load-capacity.