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Hünnebeck Topec floor formwork


Floor formwork
1330 sqm. Switzerland

Hünnebeck Topec floor formwork panels with plastic plywood incl. inkl. Topec bearing and edge support. Further Topec accessories are available on request, but not included in the price / m². The panels are listed with "E" = Ecoply in the material list below, but the sheets of the panels are Alkus sheets.

  • The panels have never been used - new material.
  • The accessories are partly new and partly used.

Price / m² does not include the necessary transport boxes.

Partial quantity: possible Subject to prior sale

€  275,00  / sqm.

1,330 sqm.

New formwork

Enquire now at your Form-on contact person

Product features

  • New material

More about the used condition.

You can find an overview of our quality levels here: 3-star. 2-star. 1-star. 0-star. In the purchase of used formwork, transparency is important to us.

Inspect used formwork.

You can inspect the formwork of interest directly at the Form-on yard or remote via video live chat. 

Package 20034E consists of

Qty SKU Description Weight
264 PC 602667 TOPEC E giant panel 180/180 47.20 kg
7 PC 602668 TOPEC E panel 180/90 22.20 kg
85 PC 602669 TOPEC E panel 180/75 19.50 kg
114 PC 602670 TOPEC E panel 180/60 16.95 kg
124 PC 602671 TOPEC E panel 180/45 14.25 kg
71 PC 602672 TOPEC E panel 90/90 12.32 kg
37 PC 602673 TOPEC E panel 90/75 10.75 kg
29 PC 602674 TOPEC E panel 90/60 9.25 kg
66 PC 602675 TOPEC E panel 90/45 7.69 kg
600 PC 465410 TOPEC bearing 2.40 kg
184 PC 487673 TOPEC edge support N 1.70 kg