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Sell formwork

You want to sell your
used formwork?

Form-on is looking to buy
used formwork material.

  • Send us information about your formwork
  • Simply fill out our sales form
  • We will prepare your offer

You have any of the following formwork systems for sale? We are buying them back:

  • Peri Skydeck

    Peri SKYDECK Floor formwork

    | Minimum amount: 100-200 m²

    We want to buy your Peri SKYDECK floor formwork! Do you have this formwork system or partial quantities available (elements, accessoires, etc.)?
    Get in touch with us via our sales form.

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  • Peri Multiprop 350 or 480 Floor props

    | Minimum amount: 120 pieces

    We are interested in buying back Peri Multiprop! You have this product available? Preferable in 350 or 450 length? Please send us your offer!

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  • Peri Trio

    Peri TRIO Framed formwork

    | Minimum amount: 100-200 m²

    Do you have the Peri TRIO formwork system used available for sale?
    We are repurchasing your stock (frames, connection parts).
    Get your offer now!

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  • Doka Framax

    Doka Framax Panels 3,30m

    | Minimum amount: 100-200 m²

    You want to sell Doka Framax panels in the size of 3,30m - we are looking for them! Fill out the Form-on sales form.
    We will offer a fair price!

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  • Hünnebeck Rasto

    Hünnebeck RASTO - TAKKO Wall formwork

    | Minimum amount: 100-200 m²

    We are looking for Hünnebeck RASTO and TAKKO. If you have these systems or partial quantities (elements, accessoires) for sale, ask for a quote!

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