• Manto wall formwork

    wall formwork

    Various panel dimensions available
    Good mix of panels

    2-star quality incl. accessoires
    € 79,00 / кв.м.
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  • Yard in Amstetten

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  • Doka H20 top P Beams

    New in stock:
    Doka H20 top P beams

    1 truck load of used beams
    available length: 2.45 m

    3-star quality - single inspected, fully serviced
    € 4,50 / пог.м.
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  • Doka Framax Eco Wall Formwork

    New condition:
    Doka Framax
    Eco Wall Formwork

    1,824 m² Doka Framax eco
    wall formwork in different
    sizes and dimensions

    3-star quality in new condition
    € 80,00 / кв.м.
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