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Doka wall formwork Frami Xlife 1.20 m  |  1439M

  • Brand: Doka
  • Stocked in: Austria

ca. 207 m² Original used Doka Frami Xlife panels 1.2 m. The package also includes accessories. All necessary multi-transport boxes and stacking pallets will be provided. The material is in used 3-star condition, which means that it is ready to use. Purchase of partial quantity is possible on request!

Subject to prior sale


3-star formwork
Used and fully serviced
3-star formwork.Used and fully serviced
207 sq. m.
tax excl.
€ 54.200,00
€ 262,00 / sq. m., without VAT & MTP

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Product features

  • Used
  • Ready to use
  • Galvanized
  • Good mix of panels
  • Handset framed formwork
  • Multilayer plywood
  • Xlife plywood
Package 1439M consists of:
Quantity Article no. Description
150 pcs 588401500 Frami Xlife panel 0.90x1.20m
24 pcs 588447500 Frami Xlife panel 0.75x1.20m
20 pcs 588404500 Frami Xlife panel 0.45x1.20m
30 pcs 588405500 Frami Xlife panel 0.30x1.20m
4 pcs 588471000 Frami inside corner 1.20m 20cm
4 pcs 588459000 Frami outside corner 1.20m
500 pcs 588433000 Frami clamp
24 pcs 588436000 Frami adjustable clamp
50 pcs 588437500 Plumbing strut 260 IB
24 pcs 588439000 Frami universal waling 0.70m
12 pcs 588440000 Frami universal waling 1.25m
72 pcs 588441000 Frami wedge clamp
2 pcs 588438000 Frami lifting hook
40 pcs 588453000 Frami tie-holder bracket
2 pcs 583011000 Doka multi-trip transport box 1.20x0.80m
4 pcs 583016000 Doka stacking pallet 1.20x0.80m
21 pcs 588478000 Frami pallet 1.20m

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