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Doka Framax Xlife wall formwork  |  1441E

  • Brand: Doka
  • Stocked in: Czech Republic

Used Doka Framax Xlife Panels in different sizes, stocked in Prague. The elements are available in a good 2* star condition. The matching accessories have 3* star quality. Pallets an accessoires are already included in the price. Please find the exact quantities and sizes in the list below.

Partial quantity on request. Subject to prior sale.

2-star formwork
Used, unreconditioned, limited serviceability
2-star formwork.Used, unreconditioned, limited serviceability
626 sq. m.

€ 180,00 / sq. m.
without VAT & MTP

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Product features

  • Used
  • Partly ready to use, partly not refurbished
  • Galvanized
  • Good mix of panels
  • Xlife plywood
Package 1441E consists of:
Quantity Article no. Description
16 pc 588221500 Framax Xlife panel 1.35x3.30m
16 pc 588222500 Framax Xlife panel 0.90x3.30m
16 pc 588223500 Framax Xlife panel 0.60x3.30m
16 pc 588224500 Framax Xlife panel 0.45x3.30m
24 pc 588225500 Framax Xlife panel 0.30x3.30m
14 pc 588228500 Framax Xlife universal panel 0.90x3.30m
48 pc 588229500 Framax Xlife inside corner 3.30m
16 pc 588100500 Framax Xlife panel 1.35x2.70m
16 pc 588122500 Framax Xlife universal panel 0.90x2.70m
24 pc 588103500 Framax Xlife panel 2.40x2.70m
8 pc 588112500 Framax Xlife panel 0.90x1.35m
16 pc 588116500 Framax Xlife panel 0.45x1.35m
24 pc 588118500 Framax Xlife panel 0.30x1.35m
8 pc 588124500 Framax Xlife universal panel 0.90x1.35m
400 pc 588153400 Framax quick acting clamp RU
100 pc 588169000 Framax multi function clamp
400 pc 581823000 Tie rod 15.0mm galvanized 1.00m
800 pc 581966000 Super plate 15.0
100 pc 588158000 Framax universal fixing bolt 10-16cm
100 pc 588150000 Framax universal waling 0.90m
80 pc 588148000 Framax universal waling 1.50m
25 pc 580365000 Panel strut 340 IB
50 pc 588244500 Prop head EB
4 pc 588149000 Framax lifting hook
2 pc 583016000 Doka stacking pallet 1.20x0.80m
1 pc 586151000 Doka stacking pallet 1.55x0.85m
8 pc 583011000 Doka multi-trip transport box 1.20x0.80m

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