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Doka Stair tower d2  |  5027M

  • Brand: Doka
  • Stocked in: Austria

Stair tower d2 in 10,8m height - the safe and fast way to get up and down. The package contains the necessary frames including all accessories as well as the stairway elements - ready for use!

d2 stair tower in a height of 10,8m for € 2.200,- Other heights and additional quantity available!  Subject to prior sale!

2-star formwork
Used, unreconditioned, limited serviceability
2-star formwork.Used, unreconditioned, limited serviceability
tax excl.
€ 2.200,00

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Package 5027M consists of:
Quantity Article no. Description
4 pcs 582637000 Screw jack foot
20 pcs 582701000 Basic frame d2 1.20m
36 pcs 582717000 Diagonal brace d2 12.225
20 pcs 582735000 Horizontal brace d2 225
36 pcs 582527000 Coupler
72 pcs 582528000 Spring locked connecting pin 16mm
9 pcs 582681000 Stair bracket 225 right
9 pcs 582682000 Stair bracket 225 left
9 pcs 582685000 Inner handrailing 225
9 pcs 582686000 Intermediate railing 225
18 pcs 582687000 Connection angle 225


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