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Framax eco wall formwork *NEW*  |  1430M

  • Brand: Doka
  • Stocked in: Austria

1865 m² Doka Framax eco panels in different sizes and dimensions. The material is completely new. This Framax system has a multi-layer phenolic plywood in cathodically dip-coated frames. Partial quantity possible.

Subject to prior sale

3-star formwork
Used and fully serviced
3-star formwork.Used and fully serviced
1865 sq. m.

€ 120,00 / sq. m.
without VAT & MTP

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Product features

  • Individual quality check
  • Ready to use
  • New material
  • Painted
  • Multilayer plywood
  • Plywood 21 mm
Package 1430M consists of:
Quantity Article no. Description
16 pcs 588003000 Framax eco panel 0.55x3.30m
40 pcs 588008000 Framax eco panel 0.60x2.70m
16 pcs 588009000 Framax eco panel 0.55x2.70m
64 pcs 588012000 Framax eco panel 1.35x1.35m
96 pcs 588013000 Framax eco panel 0.90x1.35m
32 pcs 588015000 Framax eco panel 0.55x1.35m
32 pcs 588016000 Framax eco panel 0.45x1.35m
120 pcs 588020000 Framax eco uni panel 0.90x1.35m
152 pcs 588021000 Framax eco uni panel 0.90x0.90m
230 pcs 588023000 Framax eco uni panel 1.20x2.70m
128 pcs 588024000 Framax eco uni panel 1.20x1.35m
144 pcs 588025000 Framax eco uni panel 1.20x0.90m
18 pcs 588029000 Framax eco outside corner 3.30m
20 pcs 588030000 Framax eco outside corner 2.70m
20 pcs 588031000 Framax eco outside corner 1.35m
62 pcs 588014000 Framax eco panel 0.60x1.35m
22 pcs 588017000 Framax eco panel 0.30x1.35m
43 pcs 588028000 Framax eco inside corner 1.35m

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