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Hünnebeck TOPEC floor formwork  |  2060M

  • Manufacturer: Hünnebeck
  • Stocked in: Austria

2.700 m² Hünnebeck Topec floor formwork including Topec bearing in used 2-star condition. Partial quantity on request.

Subject to prior sale


2-star formwork
Used, unreconditioned, limited serviceability
2-star formwork.Used, unreconditioned, limited serviceability
2700 sq. m.

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Product features

  • Used
  • Good mix of panels
Package 2060M consists of:
Quantity Article no. Description
645 pcs 554000 TOPEC Panel 180/180 pow. coat.
287 pcs 548001 TOPEC Panel 180/90 pow. coat.
87 pcs 548012 TOPEC Panel 180/75 pow. coat.
186 pcs 548023 TOPEC Panel 180/60 pow. coat.
3 pcs 548034 TOPEC Panel 180/45 pow. coat.
5 pcs 548090 TOPEC Panel 90/90 pow. coat.
5 pcs 548089 TOPEC Panel 90/75 pow. coat.
24 pcs 548104 TOPEC Panel 90/60 pow. coat.
11 pcs 548115 TOPEC Panel 90/40 pow. coat.
1698 pcs 465410 TOPEC bearing

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