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Doka Frami Xlife/Plex formwork  |  1387M

  • Manufacturer: Doka
  • Stocked in: Austria

Doka Frami wall formwork with Xlife and Plex sheets in used condition including accessories. The material has 2-star quality. Partial quantities on request. Hand-set formwork, no crane needed!

Subject to prior sale

2-star formwork
Used, unreconditioned, limited serviceability
2-star formwork.Used, unreconditioned, limited serviceability
581 sq. m.

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Product features

  • Used
  • Partly ready to use, partly not refurbished
  • Handset framed formwork
  • Multilayer plywood
  • Xlife plywood
Package 1387M consists of:
Quantity Article no. Description
57 PC 588404000 Frami panel 0.45x1.20m
1 PC 588404500 Frami Xlife panel 0.45x1.20m
41 PC 588405000 Frami panel 0.30x1.20m
20 PC 588405500 Frami Xlife panel 0.30x1.20m
113 PC 588409000 Frami panel 0.45x1.50m
28 PC 588409500 Frami Xlife panel 0.45x1.50m
133 PC 588410000 Frami panel 0.30x1.50m
87 PC 588435000 Frami aligning clamp
22 PC 588442000 Frami bracket 60
52 PC 588452000 Frami foundation clamp
10 PC 588454000 Frami flat tie rod 50
16 PC 588467000 Frami closure plate 15 1.20m
12 PC 588473000 Frami plywood support 27mm
2 PC 588474000 Frami plywood support 21mm
33 PC 588476000 Frami pallet 1.50m
29 PC 588478000 Frami pallet 1.20m
3 PC 588425000 Frami hinged inside corner I 1.20m
3 PC 588482500 Frami Xlife panel 0.45x2.70m

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