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Doka framed formwork Frameco RU elements  |  1377E

  • Manufacturer: Doka
  • Stocked in: Oman

Used Doka Framed formwork Frameco RU elements. The package has a good 3-star-quality and is ready for use - the formwork has only been used on one construction site. There are different formats included in the package, please find the exact panel and corner sizes in the material list below. 
Partial quantities on request.

Subject to prior sale. 

3-star formwork
Used and fully serviced
3-star formwork.Used and fully serviced
1352 sq. m.

€ 99,00 / sq. m.
without VAT & MTP

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Product features

  • Used
  • Individual quality check
  • Ready to use
  • As good as new
  • Powder-coated
  • Panels screwed from the backside
  • Multilayer plywood
  • Plywood 21 mm
Package 1377E consists of:
Quantity Article no. Description
258 pcs. 845082120 Frameco RU panel 1.00x3.00m
47 pcs. 845082130 Frameco RU panel 0.75x3.00m
82 pcs. 845082150 Frameco RU panel 0.60x3.00m
95 pcs. 845082160 Frameco RU panel 0.60x1.20m
12 pcs. 845082170 Frameco RU panel 0.45x3.00m
11 pcs. 845082180 Frameco RU panel 0.30x3.00m
43 pcs. 845082200 Frameco RU panel 0.30x1.20m
35 pcs. 845082530 Frameco RU panel 1.00x1.20m
17 pcs. 845082540 Frameco RU panel 0.75x1.20m
3 pcs. 845082560 Frameco RU universal panel 0.90x3.00m
41 pcs. 845082590 Frameco RU inside corner 3.00m
105 pcs. 845082600 Frameco RU inside corner 1.20m

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