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Formwork beam Form-on smartBEAMplus 20

  • Formwork beam Form-on smartBEAMplus 20

The durable formwork beam with a PU-bonded end - made in Austria!

Exclusively available from specialised traders!

The Form-on smartBEAMplus 20N convinces with its newly developed PU-bonded beam end. This formwork beam meets the most stringent quality as well as safety standards and is optimized for long-lasting formwork use.

The beam is available with a 3-ply web material (smartBEAMplus 20 N ) as well as with a uniform wood-composite panel (smartBEAMplus 20 P).


The beam with the BONUS for extra durability and safety on your construction site

Reliable load-bearing capacity for forming walls and ceiling


 Icon High durability

High durability

With its seamless PU-bonded beam end, the smartBEAMplus formwork beam guarantees a long lifecycle. It is protected against moisture penetration and splintering.

Icon Safety certification

Safety & certification

According to the EN 13377 certification, the beam secures high load capacity. All beam flanges are proof-loaded, therefore a reliable use on your construction site is ensured.

Icon Best material quality

Best material quality

Manufactured from robust pine wood with a 30mm 3-ply panel, the smartBEAMplus provides essential stability for forming your concrete surfaces - be they walls or floors.


We produce your beams with client-specific labelling!


Formwork beam smartBEAMplus mit Kundenbeschriftung


Technical specifications of your formwork beam Form-on smartBEAMplus

Web: h = 20 cm

Flange: h= 4,0 cm, w = 8,0 cm

Moment (M): 5 kNm

Regidity (E x J): 450 kNm²

Shear force (Q): 11 kN

Certification: EN 13377


Form-on smartBEAMplus 20 N
Form-on smartBEAMplus 20 N Article no. Packaging unit Weight/pc.
Form-on smartBEAMplus 20 N 180 620122000  100 pcs.    8,5 kg
Form-on smartBEAMplus 20 N 245 620123000  100 pcs.  11,5 kg
Form-on smartBEAMplus 20 N 265 620124000 100 pcs.  12,5 kg
Form-on smartBEAMplus 20 N 290 620125000  100 pcs.  13,6 kg
Form-on smartBEAMplus 20 N 330 620126000  100 pcs.    15,5 kg 
Form-on smartBEAMplus 20 N 360 620127000  100 pcs.    16,9 kg 
Form-on smartBEAMplus 20 N 390 620128000 100 pcs.    18,3 kg 
Form-on smartBEAMplus 20 N 450 620129000  100 pcs.    21,2 kg 
Form-on smartBEAMplus 20 N 490 620130000 100 pcs.    23,0 kg 
Form-on smartBEAMplus 20 N 590 620131000    60 pcs.    27,7 kg 

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