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Doka floor formwork Dokaflex 1-2-4

  • 2056M
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  • Manufacturer: Doka
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  • Place: Austria

Fast, versatile hand-set decking system Dokaflex with partially new and used plywood and also handrail posts XP are included. For slabs up to 3.40m height. See detailed list below. The price is only for the whole package.

Subject to prior sale

 Individually inspected formwork   Fully serviceable
1 pieces

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Product features

  • Used
  • Individual quality check
  • Partly new material
  • Galvanized
  • Plywood 27 mm
  • Allowable load 20 kN
Package 2056M consists of:
Quantity Article no. Description
35 pcs. 189701000 Doka beam H20 top P 1.80m
1 pcs. 189702000 Doka beam H20 top P 2.45m
239 pcs. 189703000 Doka beam H20 top P 2.65m
49 pcs. 189707000 Doka beam H20 top P 3.90m
40 pcs. 586155500 Removable folding tripod top
80 pcs. 586174000 Lowering head H20
40 pcs. 586239000 Doka floor end-shutter clamp
40 pcs. 586460000 Handrail post XP 1.20m
39 pcs. 586461000 Toeboard holder XP 1.20m
40 pcs. 581823000 Tie rod 15.0mm galvanised 1.00m
79 pcs. 581966000 Super plate 15.0
2 pcs. 583011000 Doka multi-trip transport box 1.20x0.80m
4 pcs. 583012000 Doka skeleton transport box 1.70x0.80m

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