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Doka framed formwork Alu Framax Xlife + Plex  |  1349M

  • Manufacturer: Doka
  • Stocked in: Austria

518 m² used Doka Alu Framax Xlife and Plex panels in different dimensions. The material has 2-star quality. The frames are in overall good condition, some sheets need to be reconditioned.

Subject to prior sale

 Formwork with limited serviceability  Some items unreconditioned
518 sq. m.

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Product features

  • Used
  • Partly ready to use, partly not refurbished
  • Good mix of panels
  • Lightweight de­sign
Package 1349M consists of:
Quantity Article no. Description
Xlife Sheets:
15 pcs. 588301500 Alu Framax Xlife panel 0.90x2.70m
42 pcs. 588302500 Alu Framax Xlife panel 0.75x2.70m
11 pcs. 588322500 Alu Framax Xlife Uni panel 0.75x2.70m
46 pcs. 588304500 Alu Framax Xlife panel 0.60x2.70m
4 pcs. 588305500 Alu Framax Xlife panel 0.55x2.70m
21 pcs. 588306500 Alu Framax Xlife panel 0.45x2.70m
22 pcs. 588308500 Alu Framax Xlife panel 0.30x2.70m
6 pcs. 580100000 Alu Framax Xlife panel 0.25x2.70m
8 pcs. 580100000 Alu Framax Xlife panel 0.20x2.70m
2 pcs. 588330500 Alu Framax Xlife inside corner 2.70m
Plex Sheets:
19 pcs. 588301000 Alu Framax panel 0.90x2.70m
41 pcs. 588302000 Alu Framax panel 0.75x2.70m
31 pcs. 588304000 Alu Framax panel 0.60x2.70m
8 pcs. 588305000 Alu Framax panel 0.55x2.70m
26 pcs. 588306000 Alu Framax panel 0.45x2.70m
14 pcs. 588308000 Alu Framax panel 0.30x2.70m
3 pcs. 588330000 Alu Framax inside corner 2,70m

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