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Doka framed formwork Dokaset F panels and accessories

  • 1330F
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  • Manufacturer: Doka
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  • Place: France

160.38 m² used Dokaset panels with integrated platforms. The package also includes several accessories e.g. Dokaset F supporting strut and stacking plate (please see detailed material list below). The panels are in general in a good condition. Please note that some plywood might need to be replaced.

Subject to prior sale

 Formwork with limited serviceability  Some items unreconditioned
160.38 sq. m.
tax excl.
€ 30400,00

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Product features

  • Used
  • Partly ready to use, partly not refurbished
  • Galvanized
  • Good mix of panels
  • Panels screwed from the backside
  • Stacking plate
  • Multilayer plywood
Package 1330F consists of:
Quantity Article no. Description
20 pcs. 588721000 Dokaset F panel 2.70x2.70m with platform
4 pcs. 588723000 Dokaset F panel 1.35x2.70m with platform
10 pcs. 588729000 Dokaset F stacking plate
10 pcs. 588730000 Dokaset F supporting strut
60 pcs. 588153400 Framax quick acting clamp RU
1 pc. 583011000 Doka multi-trip Transport box 1.20x080m

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