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NOE top wall formwork (steel & galv.)  |  1513M

  • Brand: NOE
  • Stocked in: Austria

159 m² used NOE top steel wall formwork incl. connector screws, wedge clamps and adapter clamps. The material is galvanized, inspected, uncleaned and for lower requirements ready to use (1-star quality). Boxes are included in the price. Partial quantity possible on request. 

Subject to prior sale.

1-star formwork
Serviced & ready to use, not cleaned, heavily used formwork suitable for minor requirements
1-star formwork.Serviced & ready to use, not cleaned, heavily used formwork suitable for minor requirements
159 sq. m.
tax excl.
€ 10.300,00
€ 65,00 / sq. m., without VAT & MTP

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Product features

  • Used
  • Individual quality check
  • Ready to use
  • Galvanized
Package 1513M consists of:
Quantity Article no. Description
1 pcs 158051 NOE top panel 5300x2650 (NOEboard)
16 pcs 158053 NOE top panel 2650x2650 (NOEboard)
1 pcs 158409 NOE top panel 500x2650 (NOEboard)
3 pcs 158749 NOE top panel 450x2650 (NOEboard)
2 pcs 158909 NOE top panel 400x2650 (NOEboard)
4 pcs 159209 NOE top panel 1000x1325 (NOEboard)
4 pcs 159309 NOE top panel 750x1325 (NOEboard)
4 pcs 159409 NOE top panel 500x1325 (NOEboard)
1 pcs 159749 NOE top panel 450x1325 (NOEboard)
4 pcs 159909 NOE top panel 400x1325 (NOEboard)
8 pcs 167209 NOE top inside corner 250/2650mm
21 pcs 135019 Connector screw
83 pcs 138090 NOE wedge clamp
40 pcs 402527 NOEtop adapter clamp
2 pcs 697598 NOEbox

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