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Hünnebeck Topec Floor Formwork  |  2087E

  • Brand: Hünnebeck
  • Stocked in: Switzerland

1217 m² used Hünnebeck Topec floor formwork. The package includes panels in different dimensions with plastic film coating plywood sheets and acessories. Boxes are not included in the price. The material is professionnally cleaned and ready to use (3-star quality). Partial quantity is possible on request!

Subject to prior sale.


3-star formwork
Serviced & ready to use, professionally cleaned, used formwork suitable for demanding requirements
3-star formwork.Serviced & ready to use, professionally cleaned, used formwork suitable for demanding requirements
1217 sq. m.

€ 175,00 / sq. m.
without VAT & MTP

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Product features

  • Used
  • Individual quality check
  • Ready to use
Package 2087E consists of:
Quantity Article no. Description
3 pcs. 829317005 TOPEC panel 180/180cm
33 pcs. 829317004 TOPEC panel 90/180cm
2 pcs. 829317003 TOPEC panel 75/180cm
1 pcs. 829317002 TOPEC panel 60/180cm
1 pcs. 829317001 TOPEC panel 45/180cm
3 pcs. 829317066 TOPEC panel 30/180cm
2 pcs. 829317006 TOPEC compensation panel 55-90/180cm
1 pcs. 829317016 TOPEC panel 90/90cm
4 pcs. 829317015 TOPEC panel 75/90cm
3 pcs. 829317013 TOPEC panel 45/90cm
243 pcs. 829317026 TOPEC Q panel 180/180cm
154 pcs. 829317025 TOPEC Q panel 90/180cm
22 pcs. 829317024 TOPEC Q panel 75/180cm
29 pcs. 829317023 TOPEC Q panel 60/180cm
30 pcs. 829317022 TOPEC Q panel 45/180cm
9 pcs. 829317031 TOPEC Q panel 90/90cm
5 pcs. 829317030 TOPEC Q panel 75/90cm
9 pcs. 829317029 TOPEC Q panel 60/90cm
7 pcs. 829317028 TOPEC Q panel 45/90cm
656 pcs. 829317035 TOPEC bearing
201 pcs. 829317036 TOPEC edge support N
112 pcs. 829317044 TOPEC prop retainer
310 pcs. 829317050 TOPEC head support shoe
24 pcs. 829317057 TOPEC railing shoe
4 pcs. 829317061 TOPEC alu erection rod 365
146 pcs. 829317065 TOPEC stacking angle

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