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10k load-bearing system *NEW*  |  3087E

  • Stocked in: Chile

969 pcs of 10k load-bearing frames including all necessary accessories (cross braces, couplers, heads,...) for a price of -50% of the US list price! The material is new and has never been used before (3-star quality). Total material would fit in 3 x 40' Containers. Stocked in the Doka branch in Chile. Partial quantity possible.
Subject to prior sale.

3-star formwork
Used and fully serviced
3-star formwork.Used and fully serviced
969 pieces

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Product features

  • Individual quality check
  • New material
Package 3087E consists of:
Quantity Article no. Description
489 pcs. 585712000 10k frame 4Wx4'-0"
132 pcs. 585713000 10k frame 4Wx5'-0"
348 pcs. 585714000 10k frame 4Wx6'-0"
37 pcs. 585701000 10k crossbrace 3'/4'x5W
1914 pcs. 585703000 10k crossbrace 3'/4'x7W
280 pcs. 585704000 10k crossbrace 3'/4'x8W
455 pcs. 585715000 10k coupler
539 pcs. 585719000 10k u-head 8"x8"/9"
355 pcs. 585721000 10k screw jack 36"
579 pcs. 585722000 10k screw jack baseplate

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